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Broad Band Direct Current Amplifier with Both Positive and Negative Output RoHS

Broad Band Amplifier T-WBA01Z
A compact but low-price Broad Band amplifier. Used as an amplifier for positioning before high-speed AD convertors etc., and thus of more than adequate bandwidth and gain. Supports 2 types of outputs: both positive and negative. Both match 50Ω, and hence capable of transmitting accurate waveforms. Very compact and light, and thus easily used anywhere.

Rear Panel
Number of Inputs

1 Channel (BNC)

Input Resistance Switches between 50Ω/1MΩ
Absolute Max. Input Voltage ±5Vp

26dB (light load)/20dB (50Ω load) both ± 0.3dB

Max. Output Voltage

approx. ±4.9Vp (load resistance 1MΩ) / approx. ±2Vp (load resistance 50Ω at output terminal)

Max. Output Current

approx. ±50mAp

Frequency Band

DC ~ approx. 20MHz (-3dB, 50Ω load, output voltage 1Vpp)

Flank Time

approx. 1V/20nsec (load 50Ω)

Noise Voltage

approx. 2.5mVrms (output value with input short of 50Ω and load of 1MΩ from 3Hz to 20MHz)

Offset Adjustable Range

approx. ±100mV (output voltage, load 1MΩ)

Output Resistance

50Ω for both inverted and non-inverted (BNC x 2)

Power Supply Voltage

DC5V (isolated from internal circuit)

Consumed Current

approx. 200 mA (accompanying AC/DC adaptor, AC100 V: 21mA)

Operating Temperature

5C ~ 45C


80 (W) x 35 (H) x 75 (D) mm (protrusions such as connectors not included)


approx. 170g (AC/DC adaptor and cables not included)

AC/DC Adaptor

Input AC100V ~ 240V ± 10% output DC5V

1 unit

Case Feet (set of 4) 1 set
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Both the specifications and usage are subject to change from improvements. Free warranty period of 6 months.