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Three Highly Sensitive Amplifier Models RoHS

Voltage Amplifier T-01HGAZ/MGAZ/LGAZ (photos are of T-01HGAZ)
Products for use in amplifying ultra-small signals to the necessary adequate level. For example, the input voltage level of AD convertors generally inserted into the IO slot of a PC is mainly either 5V or 10V, or 2.5V at the lowest, due to the need to take any digital noise into account, and have therefore been incapable of handling lower voltages.
An amplifier therefore typically needs to be used. A number of high-performance amplifiers are available on the market but are generally quite expensive, thus being a hurdle to their use. These amplifiers, however, boast the necessarily adequate performance while at the same time being available at a very reasonable price.
Three different models with different gains are available according to the purpose.
Their power supply supports direct current voltage and therefore can also operate on batteries. An additional feature is they are also compact and lightweight, and thus can be easily used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
All the models are also RoHS compliant.

Rear Panel
Number of Inputs

1 Channel

Input Method Differential Input (BNC Connector)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio approx. 50dB (100Hz)
Input Resistance

2MΩ + 10pF or lower (differential)

T-01HGAZ:   Switched between x100/x1000/x10000
(gain error within ±5%/1KHz)
T-01MGAZ:   x10/x100/x1000 (same as above)
T-01LGAZ:   x1/x10/x100 (same as above)
Flank Time

approx. 2.8V/μsec

Low Pass Filter

Cutoff Frequency 1kHz/10kHz/30kHz/OFF (6dB/oct)

Max. Output Voltage

approx. ±12Vp (power supply voltage ±15V)

Max. Output Current

approx. 10mAp

Output Resistance


Power Supply Voltage Range

DC ±8V ~ ±15V

Consumed Current

approx. ±18mA (power supply voltage ±15V)

Operating Temperature

5C ~ 45C (recommended operating temperature of 25C)


80 (W) x 34 (H) x 75 (D) mm


approx. 200 g (Only main body with cables not included)

Power Supply Cable (1 m)

1 set

Cable for Dry Batteries
(006P, 9V, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LF22)

1 set

Case Feet (set of 4)

1 set

Catalogue / PDF

Manual / PDF

Both the specifications and usage are subject to change from improvements. Free warranty period of 6 months.