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Broad Band Isolation Amplifier Board that passes from DC to 1 MHz RoHS

Isolation Amplifier T-ISA001BZ
An isolation amplifier board of the broad band of from DC to through 1MHz. The isolation transmission features the linear method, thus eliminating any sources of spike noise. The product operates very quietly while at the same time being extremely responsive. The amplifier can be used to perfectly isolate analog signals without having to worry about any spike noise. The excellent level of high insulation withstanding voltage between the input and output enable the product to be used for various purposes. Also fully RoHS compliant.
Insulation Withstanding

1500Vrms between primary and secondary circuits

Allowable Input Voltage ±1Vp (amplifier gain of 20dB)
Input Resistance approx. 100KΩ

Within 20dB ± 4% (DC, with full-scale)

Overall Frequency Property

DC ~ 1MHz (-3dB, Output 10Vp)

Output Noise Voltage

approx. 7.5mVp or less

Example of Max.
Output Voltage and Current

approx. ±10Vp approx. ±10mA

Harmonic Distortion

0.3% or less (10KHz 10Vp output)


0.4% or less (output 10V)

Offset Adjustable Range

0.3% or less (10KHz 10Vp output)

Temperature Drift of Input

approx. 160μV/C (average) or less (Input 50Ω terminate)

Output Resistance


Power Supply
(Voltage and Consumed

+15V approx. 30mA, -15V approx. 30mA at primary side
+15V approx. 30mA, -15V approx. 15mA at secondary side

Operating Temperature

5C ~ 45C


55 mm x 95 mm x 15 mm (thickness)
(Spacer, connector and other protrusions not included)


approx. 45 g (cables not included)

Connectors for Input/output

5051-02 made by Molex

2 set

Power Supply Connector 5051-04 made by Molex 2 set
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Manual / PDF

Both the specifications and usage are subject to change from improvements. Free warranty period of 6 months.