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Simplified, Compact, Low-Cost Galvanometer Amplifier RoHS

I / V Converter (1M) T-IVA001BZ
Now fully RoHS compliant.
For use in very precisely converting ultra-low current output from a photodiode or photomultiplier tube
into voltage.
The design successfully minimizes any current leakage, and thus minimizes any error. Operates on a single power supply, and thus also supports use of batteries as the power supply.

Rear Panel
Specifications(values with a conversion resistance of 1MΩ)
Number of Channels


Conversion Rate
1E6 (V/A)
Conversion Error Within ±2% (25C or less)
Frequency Property

DC ~ approx. 140kHz
within ±3dB, signal source resistance 1MΩ/power supply voltage 30V/output voltage ±8Vp

Noise Output

approx. 200μVrms (equivalent to 200pA) or less (measured with the input connector open and using an electrostatic shield, and with batteries (006P x 1) as the power supply)

Max. Output Voltage

approx. ±12Vp (power supply voltage 30V)

Max. Output Current

±10mA [recommended output current: ±100μA or less]

Output Resistance


Power Supply

DC8 ~ 30V
(Circuit GND is the middle voltage of an external power supply, and not isolated)

Operating Temperature

5C ~ 45C [recommended operating temperature: 25C or less]


80 (w) x 35 (h) x 75 (d) mm (protrusions such as connectors not included)


approx. 200 g (connection cables not included)

Cable for Dry Batteries
(006P, 9V, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LF22)

1 set

Power Supply Cable with Plug

1 set

Case Feet (set of 4)

1 set

Catalogue / PDF

Manual / PDF

Both the specifications and usage are subject to change from improvements. Free warranty period of 6 months.