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Products Information
Ultra-highly Sensitive, Super Compact, but Ultra-low Price Galvanometer Amplifier for Use in Picoampere Measurements
I / V Converter (1G) T-IVA001S
With a skillful circuit design and intelligent selection of the parts used, the product was designed to be compact but of high performance at a low price.
Utilizes a low input bias operational amplifier and high-precision resistor. For use in very accurately converting ultra-low current at the picoampere level into voltage. Supports a direct current power supply, and thus boasts a high SN ratio. Use of batteries as the power supply enables further reductions in the noise level. The input is appropriately protected, thus eliminating any concern.

Rear Panel
Number of Channels


Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate Accuracy Within ±1% ± 1pA (25C or less)
Frequency Property

DC ~ approx. 45Hz

Output Voltage Temperature

approx. 0.5 mV/45C
(no input current, input shield, power supply voltage of 30V)

Noise Output

approx. 200μVrms (conversion resistance 1 GΩ, no input current, input shield)

Max. Output Voltage

approx. ±12Vp (power supply voltage of 30V)

Max. Output Current

±10mA [recommended output current: ± 100μA or less]

Output Resistance


Power Supply

DC 8 ~ 30V
(Circuit GND the middle voltage of external power supply, and not isolated)

Consumed Current

approx. 6mA (power supply voltage 10V), approx. 7.6mA (power supply voltage 30V)

Operating Temperature

5C ~ 45C [recommended operating temperature: 25C or less]


80 (w) x 35 (h) x 75 (d) mm (protrusions such as connectors not included)


approx. 200g (connection cables not included)

Cable for Dry Batteries
(006P, 9V, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LF22)

1 set

Power Supply Cable with Plug

1 set

Case Feet

1 set

Catalogue / PDF

Manual / PDF

Both the specifications and usage are subject to change from improvements. Free warranty period of 6 months.