1-12-4 Nishineminami, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki 300-0842, Japan

Corporate History
January 10, 1984 Established with a capital of 2 million yen. Commenced operations in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture.
Charter: To contribute to society through producing measurement and control products via the application of electronic technology and computer technology.
June 1984 Established a turbine rotation speed control and data collection system for a hydraulic power plant using a PC openly available in the marketplace. The system flawlessly operated until finally being amortized and disposed of.
1985 Commercialized and started selling various interfaces for PCs.
Commercialized and started selling an ever increasing variety of amplifiers and filters.
August 1989 Increased the capital to 5 million yen.
July 1990 Increased the capital to 8 million yen.
June 1991 Increased the capital to 12 million yen.
April 1998 Relocated the head office to its current address with new buildings.
August 2000 Selected USB as the interface for a new era. Embarked on developing the utilization of it in measurement and control units.
October 2000 Presented our products at Small and Medium Enterprise Techno Fare 2000 held at Tokyo Big Sight. Started selling our first USB products.
May 2001 Started selling 4 models of USB products.
July 2001 Expanded the range of USB products to 7 models by adding pulse motor controllers, among others, the range of which continued to expand.
August 2002 Added easy-to-use series with a single function to the TUSB series, with the aim being to enable users to conduct highly accurate measurements and allow control without having to worry about a computer or interface.
June 2005 Opened a Tokyo Office in thereby enhancing our service base and from where we can handle inquiries from customers and demonstrate our products.
March 2007 Released the low-price board K series that can be exclusively incorporated.
November 2007 Released the board AMP series for analog circuits.
July 2008 Renewed the company website.
December 2009 Released DA convertors for audio with a USB interface.
December 2010 Released digital input/output that supports LAN in responding to the demand for FA.
January 2012 The English Homepage was renewed.
March 2012 Started export of Turtle Industry products and import of the superior products abroad.