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1-12-4 Nishineminami, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki 300-0842, Japan


Turtle Industry is involved in the development of various products related to measurement, control, and communications, and especially enjoys a good track record with the development of analog amplifiers. Our product line incorporates the wide range of high voltage to broadband type and current-to-voltage conversion amplifiers, with the compact light-weight products being available at a very reasonable price. All our products have been developed by our company and are manufactured in Japan.

What's NEW

A broad band amplifier that supports from DC through to 20MHz. The input can be switched between 50 ohms and 1 mega ohm with a gain of 20dB and output voltage of ±2V (both values being with a load resistance of 50Ω). The output resistance is 50Ω, with the output being either inverted or non-inverted.

A broad band isolation amplifier that supports from DC through to 1MHz. The insulation utilizes the linear method, thus resulting in low level of noise. The input voltage is ±1V, the output voltage ±10V, and the gain 20dB.

A compact direct current amplifier with an output voltage of 600Vpp. The input resistance is 1MΩ, the gain 29.5dB, and the maximum output current ±100mA.
An amplifier that converts ultra-low current into voltage. The conversion rate is 1M (mega) [V/A].

A highly sensitive, compact, but low-price galvanometer amplifier (ultra-low current-to-voltage convertor) that can measure picoamperes. The conversion rate is 1G (giga) [V/A].

A highly functional galvanometer amplifier (ultra-low current-to-voltage convertor) with ultra-high sensitivity and a high-speed response. The band limiting filter can be selected and the measurement range switched between 10G (giga) [V/A] and 100G (giga) [V/A].
A voltage amplifier with the individual models supporting the following amplification factors:
[T-01HGAZ] x100, x1000, x10000
[T-01MGAZ] x10, x100, x1000
[T-01LGAZ] x1, x10, x100
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